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A Call to Understanding
Welcome to Trends in Hate, America’s anti-hate website. This is your source for keeping abreast of hate crime and hate group trends in the United States, and for understanding the direction the social and political environments in which hate groups and hate crimes flourish in the United States are taking.

Want a quick look at some comparative facts as to when, where and how often hate crimes have occurred and related history? Our exclusive Crunching The Numbers is a provocative, educational ten-minute tour. Next examine our national and statewide hate crime and hate group Trends. Learn what and who are associated with hate crimes and hate groups in the United States by reading our exclusive Trend Reports. Check out our calendar of thousands of recent and historical facts at This Date in Hate, the most comprehensive compendium of hate crime-related incidents found on the internet. Visit The Hall of Shame where we bring you our yearly list of the most hateful places to live in the United States. See which college students were charged with hate crime-related offenses and what happened with those cases at Hate U. Get your questions about hate crimes and how to combat hate answered at our Q & A, learn the ugly truth about The Politics of Hate, and help keep this website free (and free of advertisements) through your donation. If you want to keep reading our exclusive Trend Reports, please Donate now. And don't forget to read our Blog for in-depth reports and commentary related to hate crimes in America.

Put Your Love to Work
We hope you will Take Action Now by sending us any updated information about hate crime cases we report, and by combatting hate through your donation. Please tell us of any hate crime incident we may not have reported and its outcome; and, please, if you have witnessed or have information about a hate crime, report it to your local law enforcement agency. While visiting us, remember that hatred exists because people—good people—fail either to take steps, even small steps, to prevent acts of hate from happening, or they fail to stop or report acts of hate that they have witnessed. As Albert Einstein once said, "The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

Three Messages of Hope
We have three messages of hope at Trends in Hate:
* Compassionate people outnumber those who hate.

* Good people can be empowered to take action to stop and to prevent acts of hate.

* People can and do abandon their hateful ways of thinking and acting.

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